Egeredi Hill

Introduction of real estate for sale

Sopron’s geographical location is extremely favorable. The area for sale is located in preferential part of the town – at Egeredi Hill (Lővérek) – at hillside providing nice panorama to surrounding hills and towns. Concretely the area is situated at Sopron’s downtown, along Kőszegi street, in the neighborhood of Fertő-Hanság National Park, Dalos Mountain and Károly Height. The access to land is possible by autobus or by car on solid road surface.

Town of Sopron is well integrated to Europe, with direct highway to Austria, thus airport in Wien is in 60 km distant, while airport in Bratislava is 85 km far from Sopron.

The area of property offered for sale is 48 Ha, but further 15-20 Ha are purchasable. Site arrangement plan is prepared in consideration of actual building rules, registration at land registry is in progress.

All utilities is sited at the border of the conjunct area. Harmonization with experts’ authorities had been taken place, the plan of supplying land with complete public utilities has been prepared and will commence at October of 2007.

The Local Building Regulation for the territory is accepted by local government stating that primarily residential park, trading, service, educational and medical recreational center can be built. Official documents are available.

In the area about 2500 apartments (55-60m2) and 15-25000m2 commercial, educational, medical and service units, leisure and sport center can be established with the necessary parking plots. This area is almost the only possible option of Sopron’s expansion, where the most valuable part of the town can be further upgraded by high-quality residential construction.

The land is outstandingly suitable for build-up independent district of foreign communities, as well-delimited, but connected to the town. Value appraisements in last years valued the area above 12 000 - 15 000 HUF /m2, price was further increased by the accepted site arrangement plan and the ongoing land preparation works and utility plan. Considering all these, the value of the property is continuously increasing.

In case of in gross sale, the owners decided on sell the property at 10 000 HUF + VAT /m2 price for such investor who desires to implement the above outlined developments. Owners are interested in every kind of property utilization, such common development regarding the related professional expertise and the existing designer, contractor and operating experiences.

Further information:
1) Please contact Mr. Dezső Bodnár on phone 0036-1-432-0207, or 0036-30-311-8801, and on email:
2) In English please contact Ms Flóra Szász on 0036-30-965-1878 and on email: